Youth Development Center Overview

In September 2005 an outreach team came to Battambang with a vision from God to pioneer a YWAM base. God told them the first step in that vision was to start a Youth Development Center; a place that drew in the youth of Battambang. Years later, the YDC is teaching English and other life skills to over 350 students every day!

While our school is centered around our 12-level English curriculum which is accredited by the Cambodian Ministry of Education, students also have the opportunity to study other subjects such as Bible, art, music, and other foreign languages. Students receive certificates upon the completion of level 6 & 12 which students use to find employment and create a brighter future. We have many graduates from YDC who have gone on to open their own cafes, become flight attendants, study abroad, work in government, join international organizations and more! It may sound cliché, but the students in our classes really are the future of Cambodia.

Sharing the Gospel

During each quarter, we run multiple “Relevant Topic Days.” On Relevant Topic day, our teachers share with students about a topic they feel is valuable. Such topics include: The Gospel, Love Languages, CPR, Emotional Health, Bible Stories, Recycling, etc. These days give us an opportunity to teach Biblical truth about a variety of topics, and students can ask questions about real life issues that they face. It’s also a time where we can encourage and disciple students who may be the only Christian in a Buddhist family. So many doors for conversation have been opened through Relevant Topic days.

One great thing about the YDC is that many students study with us for two or three years, which gives us time to deepen relationships and invest in them quarter after quarter. We’ve seen so many YDC students come to know the good news of Jesus, and many go on to study DTS. Our heart is to see these young people take the Gospel to their families, communities, and the nation of Cambodia


Want to teach English, make disciples, and impact a nation?

Come join what God is doing at the Youth Development Center in Battambang.