Our Vision

One Nation | One Generation

Our Mission

Equipping and Empowering to bring the Kingdom of God to communities in Cambodia, Southeast Asia, and to the ends of the Earth.

We are serving in Battambang seeking, obeying, and following God because He has called us to know Him more and make Him known to the people of Cambodia and to all of the nation. Jesus also very directly told us to,

“Go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.”

Matthew 28:19

This is our call and mandate as Christians; and as University of the Nations, Battambang, we too are committed to following this mandate from Jesus.

God has also spoken some things to us about our foundations and where He wants to take us and this nation:


These are very much on God’s heart for the nation of Cambodia. We are believing God’s word to us and that He will finish the good work He has started here in this nation.

A recent statistic released by the Cambodian government says:


This is one startling and promising fact. We know God wants to redeem this nation in every way, and we totally believe that He will do it with this generation of up and coming followers of Him.

Our Values

  1. Listen and Obey:
    God has called us to be committed in our ministries, decision-making and all of our lives to hearing and obeying God from the Bible and following Jesus leading through the guiding of the Holy Spirit in the Fear of the Lord.
  2. One Family Together:
    God has called us to prioritize doing life together as an International community honoring the Khmer culture. This means meeting together, worshipping and seeking the presence of God together, eating together and having a sense of ownership and generosity together for all of our ministries.
  3. Honoring & Caring for Staff:
    God has called us to love and value each other with the desire that all of our staff would thrive and not just survive.
  4. Raising up and Sending out Cambodians:
    God has called us to champion the gifts in the Khmer and we are committed to equipping, sending and standing with Khmer missionaries within Cambodia and in the nations.
  5. Regional Resource Hub:
    God has called us to bless the region of Southeast Asia through equipping and sending, and a key for this will be to continue to pioneer new initiatives in Battambang and throughout the region.

See our Mission, Vision and Values for more details

YWAM’s Statement of Faith and Foundational Values