Our Story

In December 2007 we met a nameless orphan with AIDS who was left at the government orphanage. All we knew of her story was that her mom had just died from AIDS leaving behind this precious 8 month old girl with deep, dark, and trusting eyes. We decided to name her Jeevit, the Khmer word for life, not realizing that day how much meaning the name contained specifically for our sweet girl. We do not know how Jeevit managed to live through the next several months. Despite overwhelming odds against her she refused to quit fighting for her life. God heard our prayers as we cried out for healing and today she is as alive and mischievous as any other little girl we know. All around us are children in circumstances just like Jeevit was a few years ago. So many children are orphaned or in families that are struggling just to survive. We need to give them a chance for life, but they deserve so much more.

Our Vision

We envision a community where children living with AIDS receive the treatment and care they need. We envision a community where children are provided for, trained and equipped for an amazing future. We envision a community where families are enabled to stay together longer. We envision a community where orphans are established in new families. We envision a community where prayer brings healing. We envision a community where all individuals are given the dignity and value we all share as children of God. We envision a community where AIDS no longer steals lives.

Child Sponsorship Program

Our goal in our child sponsorship program is to help enable families to stay together and to help orphans find their place in new families. We, through the financial aid of sponsors, do our best to provide children with:

  • Food
  • Clothing
  • School supplies and fees
  • Medical costs
  • The ability to stay with their family or be part of a foster family

Family Day

Once a month the families from our sponsorship program and many of the kids in our village join us for a fun afternoon. We play games, we learn important things about having good health and hygiene like brushing our teeth daily, washing our hands with soap and water, cleaning wounds, and why lice is bad. We also share about Jesus and answer questions they have. We sing songs too. At the end of the afternoon we all eat dinner together. And then we say goodbye and our friends head home.

How You Can Help

Build a relationship with one individual child. For $35 a month you can provide one child with food, clothing, school supplies and fees, transportation to medical services and the chance to live at home with their family or if they are orphaned with a new family.

Contact us

All of staff are volunteers. We’re each responsible for raising our own support in order to pay for our housing, food and basic needs. For our Khmer staff it is really difficult for them to find enough support because of limited resources within their country. Any contribution you could make once or regularly would help them be able to keep loving and serving our children and their families. They are passionate about what they’re doing and need your help in order to keep doing it.

Be a part of a team or come by yourself to help run clinics or VBS, give the kids haircuts or check out their teeth. The opportunities are endless. For more information please contact us.

Contact Us

Pray for what God is doing here, for the ways we’re able to help our families and the things that are beyond us. To receive regular updates contact us and we’ll add you to our mailing list.

Contact Us

As we find orphans we’re looking for families for them to join and really be a part of. We know raising children is hard work though, so we’d like to bless the families with a monthly stipend for their investment in the lives of the orphaned children they’re raising.

We need people from all over the world to help us find sponsors and raise support. Share about what God’s doing here at your church/small group/youth group/Bible study, have a bake sale, a car wash or a benefit concert or a yard sale or any other idea you come up with and help spread the word.