English Teachers
We’re looking for staff to teach English to a class of 15-30 high school or university students. You will use our curriculum as well as come up with lots of creative activities and ways to engage with students every day.
Foreign Language Teachers
Do you speak Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Korean, or another foreign language? Cambodian young people love to learn languages! Come teach a foreign language and have the opportunity to build relationships with our students!
Art/Guitar/Music Teachers
We love to encourage creativity and the arts at the YDC. Come help beginners learn basic guitar chords or paint a self-portrait for the first time. We want Cambodian youth to experience different forms of expression and would love to have more teachers for these classes!
Life Skills/Health Teachers
Many young Cambodians lack the basic foundations for hygiene and healthcare, or life skills such as saving money and healthy communication. If you’re passionate about teaching these essential life skills, come join us at the YDC!
Discipleship Group Coordinator
Right now we have lots of students who are interested in learning more about God and studying the Bible. We also have many students who are new believers in need of discipleship. We’re looking for small group leaders and a group coordinator to get students connected in small groups. There are so many opportunities to reach these students with the Gospel!
Administrative Assistant
Are you gifted in administration and organisation? It takes a lot of office work to keep the YDC running. If you’d love to be a huge part of reaching Cambodian young people with the Gospel, we can use your administrative gifts at the YDC!
Curriculum Developer
Do you have a vision for reaching young people with the Gospel through teaching English? Do you like thinking of practical ways to do that? Come join us as we continually try to be more and more strategic in the way we teach in order to bring more into the Kingdom.

Interested in joining staff with University of the Nations in Battambang?

Email for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.