Mothers journey is a maternal health initiative of UofN Battambang, Cambodia. Our goal is to offer free midwifery and counselling services to mothers in crisis situations. This crisis may be defined by significant poverty, unplanned/crisis pregnancy, domestic abuse, loss, or other trauma. We aim to follow a holistic model of care – being aware of a mother’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs.

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We aim to do this through


As midwives our goal is to work closely alongside the existing health services available in Battambang to ensure a woman is receiving QUALITY MATERNAL HEALTH CARE. Rather than functioning as a clinic, our goal is to act as the liaison between the mother and the local health facilities that offer lab services, ultrasounds, and birthing services. We aim to offer routine antenatal screening, education and support to a mother for the duration of her pregnancy. We also offer Doula support to mothers during labor and birth at existing birth facilities and then offer home based visits and monitoring for mother and baby up til 6 wks postpartum.

We aim to give mothers access to CHOICES through the network of services offered women in crisis situations by various partner NGOs. We also strongly value consultation and referral for care beyond the available health facilities in Battambang if indicated.



We also value PREVENTION through community health education in the communities these mothers call home. We facilitate health discussions aiming to empower mothers to make good choices for themselves and their families with topics including NUTRITION, CHILD DEVELOPMENT, FAMILY PLANNING, HYGIENE, and many others.



Our goal is to work alongside the midwifery team to be available as a safe place for mothers that have experienced any form of trauma, crisis, or loss to share their stories, be heard, and receive counsel and prayer. We are committed to following simple Christian models of counselling as we realize that true healing, wholeness, and freedom comes through the Holy Spirit.



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